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Permiso extends cloud threat detection and response capabilities with the addition of support for Azure, Azure AD, and Microsoft 365

Permiso is thrilled to announce our latest release, which includes support for Azure, Azure AD, and Microsoft 365. This release extends our powerful cloud detection and response capabilities by bringing our cutting-edge identity attribution, activity tracking, and anomaly detection to Microsoft users.

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Now Permiso customers who deploy these integrations can benefit from:

  • our powerful identity attribution engine that allows our customers to understand who is operating in their environment even when access comes through federation;

  • an immutable ledger capturing important activity in a recorded session which allows for threat hunting, service troubleshooting, or contextualization of alerts from other products;

  • lifecycle computation capturing all changes to and by entities in the environment; and

  • real-time alerts curated by P0 Labs, based on research and observation of real world attacks, that will notify Permiso users about activity related to compromised credentials, data theft, resource abuse, ransomware staging, security control modification, shared credentials, and risky configurations that may put the organization at risk.

Azure Ad Global Admin Role Alert

With the addition of these new features, Permiso continues to deliver best-in-class cloud detection and response capabilities to our customers. By combining our core engine's ability to look at Access, Session Activity, and Behaviors with our new Azure, Azure AD, and Microsoft 365 support, we are able to provide a holistic view of your cloud environment. This allows users to detect threats that others miss and exponentially increase your ability to understand what is happening in your public cloud environments.

For existing Permiso customers these integrations are immediately available. If you are not a Permiso customer but are interested in learning more about how Permiso can help protect your organization in Azure, Azure AD, or Microsoft 365, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'd love to chat with you about your cloud security needs and show you how Permiso can help you stay secure.


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