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Our Guiding Principles

respect the team & journey

Building a product and a company around that product is best described as a Journey. Like all journeys there will be highs, there will be lows, and there will be multiple challenges along the way. While there have been great journey's accomplished by individuals many of the greatest journeys in human history have been undertaken and survived only as a result of teamwork. Everyone in our company has already demonstrated the first key attribute for greatness - wanting to take the road less traveled and bring something new into this world through your efforts. Each of you have something that is rare - a desire to take risk for a greater reward and sense of accomplishment. Many people express that desire verbally using words like "wish" or "if only" or "one day". You are different. You represent a pioneering spirit that did much more than talk about it. Embrace that superpower and enjoy the journey. Look around you and understand that each and every Permisoid shares that sense of adventure and took that risk. Respect each others time. Respect each others ideas. Respect each others voice. Teams are comprised of people with various strengths and weaknesses. No one in this company is good at everything and that is nothing to be ashamed of. We are made better by those around us and great teams learn to rely and trust on the capabilities of those around them to augment their abilities. As a wise person once said "If you want to go fast - go alone. If you want to go far - go together". We want to go far - together.

own the outcome

You have a task or feature you have been asked to take on - what does Ownership mean in this context? Ownership means you truly take responsibility for the delivery of an outcome to the best of your ability. Ownership means taking the time to understand why you are doing the work, how it fits into the overall picture, and how you can own the quality and success of the work product you deliver. Ownership is not about perfect execution it is more about a way of executing and a state of mind. Ownership means challenging yourself to deliver something you are proud of and that your team members can rely on. The things we learn and skills we have are largely shaped by the hard things we've had to conquer not the gently trodden path of things we have already mastered.

understand our customer

Everything we do at Permiso is grounded in identifying and delivering on value to our customer. Without our customers we don't have a company. Without providing value we won't have customers. It's easy to get caught up in doing things for the sake of doing them or because we "think" it will be valuable to the customer. The value we provide to our customers is in the ways we simplify and provide the information they need, for the questions they have, in the best possible way.

always seek simplicity

Related to our pursuit of minimum value is a need to focus on simplicity. As we brainstorm, design, and ultimately build capabilities it is very easy to want to take that concept to it's completed state with all the capabilities that we imagine would create the greatest possible experience and value for our customers. Those visions are great as they provide a guiding light for where we want to be; however, we have to strive to simplify each step of execution against our objective.


We are all creative people with great ideas but we can't let great stand in the way of good enough. Holding a grand vision in your mind is necessary as you pursue objectives both at work and in your personal life as it helps align the day-to-day decisions you need to make. It is crucial however to understand that achieving that grand vision doesn't happen in one fell swoop or release. That achievement and creation of value over the long term is a journey of many small incremental steps and advancements. Our challenge is to pursue with focus the smallest increment of value that can be delivered to move our objective incrementally forward.


Permiso is going after a new market opportunity in the cloud security space and we are learning along with our customers. The cloud technology landscape moves at a blistering pace and as we build products in order to better protect cloud service provider environments on behalf of our customers we need to move at the same speed.


Discovering the "Why" is one of the most important words when building products. Having child-like curiosity about what we're building, who we are building it for, and the problems we are solving will allow us build the best product possible.