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respect the team & journey

Taking the road less traveled to create something new can be a demanding journey, but worth the trip and back again. If we explore as a team and respect the voices and ideas around us, we’ll go the distance and beyond.

pursue minimum value

The grandest visions are realized through incremental advances. Our challenge is to focus on the smallest increment of value that can be delivered to move our objective incrementally forward.

own the outcome

Ownership means we take responsibility. We understand the why of a project and where it fits in. We deliver a result we take pride in and our teammates can rely on.

optimize for speed

Cloud technology moves at a blistering pace. As we build to pursue a major market opportunity in cloud security, we need to move at the same speed or faster.

understand our customer

Everything Permiso does is grounded in customer value. The value we bring is in simplifying and providing the information they need and answering their questions clearly and accurately.

be curious

"Why" is one of our most important words. Our child-like curiosity about what we're building, for whom, and the problems it will solve allows us to deliver the best product possible.

always seek simplicity

Simplicity has value. We can imagine a finished product with every capability our minds can conjure as a guiding light, but we will always simplify each step against our objective.

Ask us why we’re growing

Thanks. Great question. Permiso is growing because we’re building something every company in the cloud is crying for: a cloud security solution that turns everyday computer security professionals into cloud security superheroes. Right now, we need a few more superheroes of our own.

Here’s why you should you should burn your corporate key card and join the revolution:


Seasoned and
 Salty Founders

They’ve built, scaled and exited multiple businesses and run global product and engineering orgs for the biggest names in cybersecurity. No one is better prepared.

Car Image

Future cloud
 Needs you

Yes, you. You with the imagination and skills to secure a cloud that’s growing at exponential speed. Don’t let future cloud down.

Cloud shield

Find your

We all have a superpower. The challenges you tackle at Permiso with your team cheering each other on will bring it out and let it fly.

Disco ball

The fun 
Never ends

The fun never ends because the challenges don’t. Give a team of tenacious Permisoids an unsolvable problem, the freedom to solve it, and it’s practically a party.


We speak

We don’t believe in trying to impress each other or our customers by drowning everyone in jargon and acronyms. A few, sure, but not enough to drown.


You bring a sense of ownership, a willingness to learn, and your favorite brandof curiosity concentrate. We’ll bring the challenges, show you new skills, expect youto own your outcomes, and give you the chance to grow and thrive. If that works for you, send a CV.