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You be the hero this time

There’s a cloud security hero in all of us. There has to be, because they’re aren’t enough “experts” in the world to secure everyone’s cloud. Permiso lets the team you have be the heroes you need. And secure your cloud like the experts who aren’t coming anyway.

Pop the cloud open, Look inside

Our Mission is to simplify cloud security so technology and security professionals can secure the cloud like an expert.

Users of every skill level have intelligence that’s accessible, actionable, and explorable because we have more information on cloud adversaries and tactics than anyone, and we made it usable by everyone.

Cloud heroes made daily

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We get flooded with alerts from other security solutions. Alerts from Permiso bring attention to the things that truly matter.

Identity is the silver bullet in the cloud. If you don’t get it right, you’re dead!

Permiso unlocks unique visibility into my cloud infrastructure environment that I currently don’t get from a CSPM or SIEM.

With great cloud security comes great taste

Jason Martin
Paul Nguyen
Phani Modali
Ian Ahl
Thelma Picardo

Thelma Picardo

Director of Operations, India

30+ years experience managing office operations, legal & compliance and incorporating new companies in India.

Jared Elder
Silvio Pappalardo
Randall Hettinger

Randall Hettinger

Director of Inside Sales

Cybersecurity expert with experience delivering solutions for network, identity & access management, endpoint, and data security to organizations of all sizes. Dedicated to helping protect their cloud environments and ensure uninterrupted operations.

Andrew Shu
Wei Quan

Wei Quan

Principal Engineer

10+ years software development experience in information security industry.

Thomas Kurty
Charan Sunkara
Bhargav Garimella
Nihar Patel

Nihar Patel

Software Engineer

5 years of introducing silly bugs in mostly the frontend of web apps ranging from HR management, finance and security.

Mayank Singh

Mayank Singh

Senior Software Engineer

More than 6 years of multi domain experience as a Front End developer in companies like Amdocs, FireEye and Amazon, having deep interest in software as well as hardware technologies. Gadgets and Video game lover.

Xavier Chemla
Wilma Miranda
Rachel Sobrepeña
Amol Dharmadhikari
Daniel Bohannon
Andrew Kraut
Nathan Eades
Bleon Proko

Our founders hate the spotlight