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Permiso is a team of wily veterans who've spent years breaking things, finding bad guys, and whipping security operations into shape.

Most enterprises now work on the cloud. That’s good. But cloud security is confusing. And cloud security experts are harder to find than the Yeti.

So we make it simple. We focus on the one thing that ties cloud security all together: the identity. Someone or something is making changes in your environment.

Permiso helps you understand who it is, what they're doing, and most importantly, why they're doing it.



Jason Martin

My favorite dessert is any and all combinations of coffee and chocolate. I enjoy coffee in my chocolate and chocolate in my coffee.


Paul Nguyen

My favorite dessert is Rita’s Gelatis and it puts all other desserts on this list to shame.


Stephen Demjanenko

My favourite dessert is Mango on Vanilla ice cream with maple syrup.


Phani Modali

My favorite dessert is Mysore Pak. (The authentic crispy one, not the soft one).


Wei Quan


Food made with sticky rice, such as zongzi (sticky rice with meat and salted egg yolk), or sticky rice with mango.


Charan Theja Sunkara

My favorite dessert is Carrot Halwa. This is the only way I will eat carrots.


Bhargav Garimella

My favorite dessert is Gulab Jamun, I love them more than Amol does.


Rachel Sobrepeña

My favorite dessert is Cheesecake Brownies, but I will accept cheesecake or brownies.


Thomas Kurty

My favorite dessert is affogato, the perfectly indulgent combination of coffee and cream.


Andrew Shu

I’ll cheat and share two of my favorite desserts. My favorites in San Francisco are: cheesecake from Stella Pastry, and Kunefe (imagine a cheesy baklava) at Tuba.


Nihar Patel

Software Engineer

My favorite dessert is Adadiya. It tastes sweet and spicy, and is made of black gram, ghee and nuts. Don’t think it’s a dessert though, you’d normally eat it in the morning in winter, but it’s sweet so it counts.


Ian Ahl

My favorite dessert is warm dark chocolate brownies with vanilla ice cream and some chocolate drizzle!

Opie Avatar

Andrew Kraut

My favorite dessert is chocolate marshmallow churro fries (from Award Weiners at Disney’s California Adventure).

Wilma avatar

Wilma Miranda

My favorite dessert is anything matcha flavored, or carrot cake

Xavier avatar

Xavier Chemla

My favorite dessert is la foret noire.

Nathan Avatar

Nathan Eades

I cannot insult the other desserts by choosing one.